Collect, analyse and protect data.

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We are specialized in the development of innovative digital platforms and tools, API and data analysis.

We help all the actors in the health sector such as scientific societies, public agencies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in their mission to better meet the needs of the patient.


Collect data.

We help you collect data with simple and intuitive tools. We offer a robust and easy-to-use eCRF platform. This platform can be adapted to your needs.

If you have existing systems and you want to centralize your different data sources in our platform, we help you with data connectors.

Analyse data.

We provide easy-to-learn data analysis tools to make sense of your data.

We also help you to carry out your data analysis.

Protect data.

The security of your data is important to us. That is why we make every effort to secure your data.

We offer multiple adaptable layers of security.


Over the years and experiences, we have specialized in many digital technologies and data analysis.

Development & Solution

We are development experts. We develop flexible solutions to collect data or to integrate existing systems.


We provide networking, resizable compute/storage capacities and database.


We provide multiple security solutions: data encryption, secure identity, fine-grained access control, multi-factor authentication, ...

Statistical Analysis

We provide data analysis tools and we help you in performing statistical analyses on your data. We have specialized in data analysis of clinical trials and survey.


We are offering trainings in biostatistics, data analysis and technologies.

Consulting & Design

We help you setting up your IT project. We perform audit and provide consulting in specification sheet and trial/survey design.

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